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Our Approach

Evidence shows that business owners with proactive accountants make better business decisions and are more successful, which is why at Numeric, we focus on solving the five things you, the business owner, really want and need:

  1. Less concern about finances and legal obligations so you can enjoy life
  2. More financially independent to fund your lifestyle or invest in your new business
  3. To realise the future potential of your business while holding on to the rewards
  4. Less worry about the future, and you and your family protected
  5. More freedom to do what makes you happy and be even more successful

The first step is removing your compliance burden. Taking care of compliance to the highest standard and exceptional turnaround times means you can relax knowing the legal stuff is taken care of. Plus, we can disclose any unavoidable tax bills to you at the earliest opportunity, so you can plan for this, avoiding any nasty cash flow problems.

We cover the planning side too so you avoid paying unnecessary taxes, build effective but cost-effective systems to avoid unnecessary costs, and keep more of your hard-earned money, which you can put to better use, like treating yourself to a holiday or investing more wisely in your new business.

Our real-time Finance Director service includes regular meetings that focus on your business, uncovering those problems holding you back, and then finding a solution leaving you to focus on doing more of what you love (in and out of the business). This then allows you to move forward and concentrate on improving business performance, from raising finance for a new asset purchase to increasing profit margins and that bottom line.

We can also assist you in looking into the future and seeing what problems might be coming your way and how best to avoid them. If you want to stop worrying about the future, you need to start planning for it now. For example, planning for where you want to be in five years through targeted business growth and wealth planning, building a saleable business to achieve a successful retirement or succession, or creating a more substantial, healthier, profit-making business.

If our vision, to make our clients more prosperous and pain-free, is of interest then why not work with us? Please get in touch to discuss how to get you on board. See our website www.numericaccounting.co.uk for more details or call 01722 334888.