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Sectors we work with

We provide cost-effective accountant services and packages to clients across a range of sectors, whether a small “start-up” or multi-million-pound company

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E-commerce and retail

Having worked with many digital and brick-and-mortar businesses, we understand the differing needs of accountancy for e-commerce and retail companies. Specialising in both new projects and established companies, we can handle everything from bookkeeping to compliance advice for digital and traditional retail businesses of all sizes.

Farms and contract farmers

We provide a full range of accounting services for rural and agricultural businesses, including independent farms and contract farmers. Offering everything from business planning and bookkeeping to advanced tax planning and auditing, our business holds years of experience and expertise working with farms and associated businesses – no matter what kind of accountancy services you require.

Boat building and composite construction

We understand the need for accountancy with specialist industry knowledge, which is why we offer a complete range of services to companies dealing with composite construction and boat building. Our team of experienced accountants has expertise in supplying businesses across the boat-building industry with services and solutions ranging from bookkeeping and tax planning through to business planning and much more.


Our accounting team is equipped with a wealth of experience and construction industry knowledge to ensure that your unique needs are met, whether your building projects are residential or commercial. From help with bookkeeping and tracking contractor payments to compliance checks and tax relief opportunities, we are here to help you improve cash flow and build for the future. Our specialist construction industry accounting team will also ensure contractors and sub-contractors meet the regulations set out in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).


We understand the complexities and challenges of running a consultancy business – this allows us to provide a tailored range of accounting services to suit the needs of your company. No matter what industry you work in or the size of your organisation, we can provide expert accounting services to make your life easier and allow you to focus on what you are good at. From bookkeeping to tax planning, we can help.

Estate agents

We understand the unique accounting challenges that estate agents and property professionals of all sizes face, from tax relief opportunities to dealing with large financial transfers. Our experienced accounts follow the latest regulatory changes to ensure estate agents remain fully compliant with legislation while also providing traditional accounting services such as bookkeeping, VAT and Advanced Tax Planning, auditing and succession planning.

Mineral exploration and extraction

We have specific experience working with mining and mineral exploration companies operating around the world. If your mining and exploration business requires expert accountancy with years of experience, we can provide you with everything you are looking for. Offering everything from bookkeeping and tax advice to comprehensive business planning, we can use our expertise to help your company succeed.


Our specialist team of accountants has extensive experience and knowledge working with dentists and dental practices. This puts us in a position to provide your dentist practice with a full range of accounting services. Whether you are looking to deal with bookkeeping and payroll, or seeking specific tax advice or business planning, we can provide help to companies and organisations across the dentistry and oral health sector.

IFAs and Insurance Intermediary

With years of expertise in finance, we specialise in providing a full range of accounting services to independent financial advisers (IFAs) as well as insurance intermediary businesses. If your business offers financial or insurance advice, we can offer a selection of accountancy solutions ranging from bookkeeping and tax advisory, right the way through to tax returns and compliance advice.


We specialise in providing accounting solutions to hairdressers, barbers, and hair salons. We can offer a truly broad range of services – whether you are looking for simple bookkeeping and tax returns or in-depth business advice and tax planning, our team has years of experience working with companies like yours. We can assist hairdressing businesses of all sizes.

Motor mechanics and car dealers

Providing a full range of accounting services, we have specific experience working with motor mechanics and car dealerships. Whether you are looking for tax advice and business planning, or bookkeeping and payroll, our team has the expertise and knowledge to help. We have worked with mechanics and car dealers of all sizes, and are in a position to provide expert advice and more.