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Tax Investigation Service

Numeric Accounting offers our Tax Investigation Service in order to cover you against the cost of additional accountancy fees that you would incur as a result of an HMRC investigation. Contact us today to sign up.

Why you need our Tax Investigation Service

HMRC tax investigations are on the increase – both individuals and companies are targeted, and they are being conducted with a greater degree of scrutiny than ever before. These investigations are time-consuming, stressful, and costly for the party involved. That is why we offer our Tax Investigation Service which is designed to cover you against the cost of professional fees that you would incur with a tax investigation.

The additional accountancy fees incurred can add up to thousands of pounds – this service safeguards you against these costs.

What happens during an investigation?

Tax investigations from the HMRC can look into any taxpayer – this means that both individuals and businesses are at risk. These investigations can last for many months, or even years. Throughout the period of the investigation you will incur significant accountancy fees, as well as expensive business disruption. And even if you are not found to owe anything, you will still be liable to pay for professional representation.

The Numeric Accounting Tax Investigation Service covers the cost of fees, as well as providing you with access to our expert staff who have years of experience in handling HMRC enquiries and managing claims.

Why do I need this insurance now?

HMRC has spent in excess of £80m on a new computer system that has been specifically designed to identify organisations and individuals who may have tax discrepancies. This means that the chance of being investigated has now increased. This service is designed to protect you from the costs you would incur.

Get protected today

To join our service takes just minutes. If you are interested in getting protected, get in contact with the team at Numeric Accounting today. You can call our Salisbury office on 01722 334888, or our Southampton office on 023 8084 4242 – our friendly and knowledgeable team would be happy to talk you through the details and provide any further advice you need.